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A touch of genius

Visitors to the Inductotherm stand at GIFA entered an interactive world enabling them to experience the company’s vast range of induction technology in a more hands-on manner.

Having placed a great deal of investment in updated animation videos to showcase the capabilities of the company’s equipment and technology, Inductotherm launched the new-style booth at the CastExpo show in the US in April. However, GIFA/THERMPROCESS offered the ideal opportunity to take the new concept one step further to offer visitors an immersive experience thanks to interactive touchscreens with extended reality (XR) showing equipment in the field. With over 500 pieces of content, supporting ten global brands and 50 product lines, the stand offered a library of information on the latest induction technology.

With the inclusion of over two hundred videos and the latest multi-taction screens and VR technology, offering a 360 degree view, existing and potential customers could access the information they needed, whilst enjoying the chance to “dip into” the Inductotherm world.

Jon Stear, managing director of Inductotherm Europe Ltd explains: “This is a visual tool that works for everyone. The group occupies a vast amount of manufacturing space around the world and we could showcase that perfectly on the GIFA/THERMPROCESS stand by using the latest visualisation technology. The fact that the stand was also interactive was an added bonus. People are used to looking at a screen and accessing information as they desire, so it made perfect sense for us to incorporate that in our exhibition stand.

“Our equipment is all about the latest technologies to drive the industry forward so it makes sense for us to be incorporating the same ambition in the way in which we showcase ourselves at exhibitions. People expect us to be innovative, that’s what they have come to know about Inductotherm.”

In addition to the touchscreens, the stand also included vast screens which could be viewed from afar. The company’s literature was also digital and was accessed through the touchscreens and Apps.

Of course it is also important to show the quality of the product, and this world-leading melting technology giant did not disappoint in that respect. Consequently, Inductotherm Group displayed eleven pieces of equipment, including the Inductotherm 175kW VIP® Power Supply with iSense™ Data Visualization System Demonstration, 750 kW VIP® Power Supply with IoT capabilities and a Tilt-Pour™ Furnace. Also on display was a Thermatool® HCT (HazControl Technology) Welder, Consarc® 20kg Clamshell Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) Furnace, InductoScan® Platinum Induction Scanner, InductoForge® Modular Billet Heater, Merlin™ Field Joint Heating and Coating System, and Statipower® IFP™ (Independent Frequency and Power) Induction Power Supply. 

Of particular interest was the new Inductotherm Refractory Image Scanning System which is an advanced, laser based furnace refractory imaging and profiling system which can be used to detect general refractory wear or build up on a furnace. Monitoring lining wear can help extend coil life, although the system cannot replace visually inspecting the furnace for signs of lining wear and/or build up; the system can be used to visualise the lining wear over time and minimise the risk of using a furnace with a lining in poor condition. Stear says. “We were particularly pleased to be able to give an insight into this new development that will be released to market in the near future.”

Also noted is the importance of the competence and experience of the group, so 70 product managers from 21 countries, speaking over 30 languages, were on the stand to support international visitors.

The beauty of the company’s preparations for GIFA/THERMPROCESS is that the data has longevity and can be used on an ongoing basis. The material may have been sourced and co-ordinated for an exhibition but it will serve Inductotherm well going forward to continue to highlight the company’s vast capabilities in all parts of the world, often at the touch of a button.

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