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An innovative IoT platform for the casting industry

Bringing all data together to visualise the plant as a whole

World-leading manufacturer of foundry plant, Sinto Group, is introducing an innovative IoT platform for the casting industry.

With over 85 years of experience in the foundry industry, Sinto Group has responded to customers’ current demands and needs. The company started from machines but evolved to provide total manufacturing processes and management. Amid these developments with IoT solutions, Sinto Smart Foundry™ and Sinto Support System™ were born. Now, Sinto Group has developed a new IoT platform for the foundry industry, WIZNEX™, that centrally manages all data from Sinto Smart Foundry™, Sinto Support System™ and others. Speaking about the development during GIFA Atsushi Nagai, president of Sintokogio Ltd, said: “Sinto Group will continue to strive to make better castings from here on.”

Sinto Smart Foundry™ is a tool that prevents the supply of defective products to the downstream processes as part of aiming for zero defects. If defective products still occur due to issues between processes, it enables reverse tracking from the product by utilising tracking data to find the cause of the defect. Sinto Group continues to propose services that contribute to high-quality casting production by decreasing defects through Sinto Smart Foundry™.

Sinto Support System™ is Sinto Group’s after-sales support system that assists with achieving customers’ production as planned. It includes preventative maintenance to keep equipment running, assistance with machine diagnosis that begins with regular checks, and problem solving. For example, the Remote Monitoring System is a sensor-based solution that can catch the signs of machine troubles by sensing vibration and temperature. ePVS is a tool to digitalise and visualise every motion and event in the manufacturing process to eliminate the bottleneck processes and increase overall equipment efficiency. For the customer’s stable production as planned, Sinto Group continues to propose new ideas and IoT solutions through Sinto Support System™.

Now the group has proposed a new IoT platform WIZNEX™, a tool for visualisation of “making better castings as planned”. Mr Nagai explains: “On a manufacturing site various kinds of data exists, and the use of that data is receiving more and more attention. As a result of increasing use of IoT technology, the volume of that data will also increase. But currently a method for the unified management of that data has not been put into place. It is important to effectively use this data to make better castings according to plan. Therefore, we at Sinto Group have developed WIZNEX™ as a new IoT platform that centrally manages that data.”

WIZNEX™ can collect data from a variety of equipment and applications in the factory, including Sinto Smart Foundry™ and Sinto Support System™, and integrate and centrally manage that data using an intelligent dashboard.

Features and characteristics of WIZNEX™ are:

  • Connection of all the equipment in a foundry.
  • An intelligent dashboard that makes it possible to visualise all of the processes as a whole.
  • Improved quality through increased productivity and decreased defects through preventative maintenance.

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