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Cost effective, technically and environmentally advanced diecasting

Profile on an international, family-owned, industrial company with headquarters in Hildesheim, Germany.


As a leading formulator and manufacturer of industrial lubricants, speciality fluids and process chemicals, PETROFER has made a name for itself worldwide. The product range comprises more than 600 quality chemical products, which are continuously being developed through its own local research and development. The company has outstanding expertise in product quality, process engineering and customer service on a global scale.


As a certified process specialist (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001) PETROFER offers a comprehensive range of industrial chemicals, specialised lubricants and cleaners. Customers include major companies in the automotive sector and its supply chain, industrial manufacturing, general engineering, heat treatment and the tissue and board industry. As a preferred supplier to the automotive industry, the company also offers a comprehensive product range to meet the specific requirements of the diecasting market. The company has 14 independent production sites and is known for excellent customer service and a global network of local experts. Customers appreciate the flexibility and rapid problem solving skills, whether it is process chain questions or technical challenges.


PETROFER has a complete range of high quality release agents for high pressure diecasting. The company’s service engineers are available to sample the in use products and analyse them, thus ensuring uninterrupted and cost effective manufacturing with a maximised fluid service life. A customer partnership approach in diecasting has helped their clients with:

·         Maximum production reliability.

·         Ensured longevity of the tooling, dies and hydraulic equipment.

·         Enabled advances in casting design and light weighting.

·         Lowered energy consumption.

·         Higher integrity of the finished component.

·         Reduced cycle times.

·         Reduced effluent and environmental impact, with improved operator safety.

Whether high performance casting release agents, piston lubricants, heat transfer media, or fire resistant hydraulics – PETROFER has the right product for every requirement. The company’s highly qualified and experienced application engineers assist in the optimisation of their customers processes.

In the field of diecasting release agents, the DIE-LUBRIC product range includes water dilutable and water free release agents for diecasting of aluminium, magnesium and zinc along with other specialised metals and alloys. Wax containing and wax free products are available as well as the company’s award winning BS-formulations for cleaner, safer and more efficient casting release. Also on offer are cost effective special products for novel minimal spray, and reduced spray application techniques.

PISTON LUBRICANT and PISTON POWDER product ranges in the field of piston lubricants consist of graphite containing and graphite free technology that achieve maximum anti-wear effects. The company meets all the requirements of quality orientated and economical diecasting production and also offers powder dosing equipment for the application of solid piston lubricants.

In the area of heat transfer fluids, the TRANSTHERM range consists of both synthetic and traditional mineral oil based heat transfer fluids; typically used for die-heater units, cooling equipment, shot sleeve temperature control and other heat transfer operations. All of the company’s heat transfer products have been developed to give outstanding thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.

In the development of all these product lines, PETROFER has always focused on the client and the fulfilment of its requirements and goals. The three main objectives are the following:


·         The reduction of total cost of ownership by optimising the spraying and casting process, reducing the cycle time and improving the setup time through robust chemical technology, thus reducing component defects.

·         A higher process efficiency and reliability by consulting, training and assistance from highly qualified application engineers, an information transfer with the R&D department and innovative, high technology products from specially selected, sustainable raw materials.

·         And last but not least, an improvement of the environmental balance by lowering energy consumption, optimising process media and water consumption, reducing effluent with the possibility to recycle water.

PETROFER offers its application and chemical expertise into industrial sectors such as:

·         Aerospace, defence and marine.

·         Agricultural and construction equipment.

·         Automotive and components supply chain.

·         Casting and forging.

·         Consumer, electronics, white and brown goods.

·         Machine tool OEMs.

·         Medical equipment.

·         Pressings, extrusion, hydroforming and fasteners.

·         Public transportation.

Application examples

The water dilutable and water free DIE-LUBRIC die-face lubricants are used for aluminium, magnesium and zinc high pressure diecasting. Due to the versatility of the chemistry they are suitable for conventional spray, short spray, micro spray or electrostatic spray. This is a growing area for the casting of new generation light-weight automotive structural parts.

Highlight project

A special die-lube technology is the unique DIE-LUBRIC BS series. Due to the outstanding flushing abilities and the special raw material selection, the risk of clogging in pipes, filters and spray nozzles from bacteria and fungi is safely avoided.

What’s new?

Wear and cavitation damage in hydraulic systems results in enormous costs for foundries. Not only the replacement of expensive components, but also machine downtime and high personnel utilisation in maintenance and repair are important factors too. The choice of the right hydraulic fluid can significantly influence the smooth production process with high potential cost savings. PETROFER’s focus on product development was on meeting the following requirements for their customers: reduction of wear on expensive components, reduction of cavitation damage, energy savings, less emergency demand for maintenance personnel, fire resistance with high technical performance.

Nevertheless, the company rose to this demanding challenge, while recognising that sight must not be lost of the technical, commercial and process demands normally put onto a fluid. The company analysed the highly specialised requirements in detail, reconciled the findings with its advanced chemistry knowledge regarding fire resistant hydraulic fluids in foundries and developed the ULTRA-SAFE E 68.

ULTRA-SAFE E 68 is similar to HFC liquids based on glycols, polyglycols and water. It contains 18 per cent water enabling the product to be equipped with innovative AW/EP additives. According to the results of the Buxton test it is nonetheless fire resistant (RI value 56). The product shows very good wear prevention properties, e.g. in the FZG test (gear wear test), superior corrosion prevention and excellent ageing stability. It is built on specially selected base fluids that enable a biodegradability of the fluid when it is required to be disposed of. It can be used in all industries and areas at risk of fire, e.g. in the diecasting industry, steel works, heat treatment, hot forming and forging. In mining, HFC-E fluids are typically found in mobile hydraulics and due to the good EP properties, ULTRA-SAFE E 68 can be used. It is also suitable as an alternative to HFD-U fluids or mineral oil.

In April 2018, PETROFER started a field trial with ULTRA-SAFE E 68 at a well-known diecasting specialist based in Germany. The client converted a casting cell from Ultra-Safe 620 (HFC/PETROFER) to Ultra-Safe E 68 (HFC-E/PETROFER). The first results of the twelve-month practical trial show a confirmation of the positive laboratory tests with regard to wear prevention and reduction of cavitation damage. The customer also found an approximate 20 per cent energy saving, a consistent water content from reduced evaporation and chemical stability, thus reducing sampling and maintenance water top ups while having excellent fire resistance.

All in all, the new chemistry promises high savings potentials through wear reduction, energy savings and reduced demand on maintenance personnel and as such is ushering in a new era of innovative, safe, foundry operation.

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