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A new beginning

William Lee Ltd’s managing director, Toni Carannante, is set to leave Castings PLC this September after 34 years at the Dronfield site. The good news for the foundry sector is that he will be utilising his vast knowledge and experience in his new venture – having set up a training, engineering and consultancy company with a vision to provide direct support to the UK foundry Industry. Carannante has formed TC-TEC Ltd to continue his passion for project management, in particular Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), a subject in which he is a recognised authority in the UK foundry sector.

During the past 34 years, he has project managed complete foundry installs on four occasions, along with many small and medium size capital projects. His experience also extends to both sales and commercial activities, along with managing a high-volume iron casting production site. His expertise in TPM is widely known, having practiced since 1995: written papers, along with presentations at technical lectures and TPM conferences. TC-TEC Ltd is also the UK agent for several foundry equipment suppliers, including: Magaldi Power SpA – the leading supplier of industrial processes, conveying solutions, equipment and services for global power, waste-to-energy, cement, foundry, steel and metallurgical companies. ProserviceTech – innovation in the foundry process. For the last 20 years their innovations have helped the industry to improve the quality of castings and strive to maximise productivity and stabilise processes. Primafond Srl – a leading designer and manufacturer of machines and equipment for foundry sand core production in cold box, shell moulding and today with inorganic process, in many types and size. C M Surface Treatment SpA – a specialised expert in the engineering and construction of automatic centrifugal wheel type blast cleaning and shot peening machines for surface treatment operations. Their equipment is utilised throughout industry for a tremendous variety of applications. Savelli Technologies Srl – a name that stands for quality and reliability for their complete automatic moulding lines, as well as single machines. SAVELLI specialises in sand technology, single machines up to complete sand preparation plants.

Where there is a need for the type of support TC-TEC Ltd may offer, Carannante is keen to get involved and can visit to present the company’s portfolio of services. The official business launch is 1st October and Carannante is looking forward to sharing his expertise and that of the companies he represents to a wide range of foundries.

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