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Continuing innovation with filters for enhanced filtration efficiency of small steel castings

Foseco has extended its support for foundries to more effectively and efficiently answer accelerating demand for higher quality small steel castings with the launch of STELEX* Pureflow high integrity ceramic foam filters. They open up opportunities to deliver cleaner, higher quality castings, with the potential to reduce scrap rates and the related productivity and sustainability advantages that brings.

The new range of filters, with maximum size 75x75mm, offers a unique set of advantages specifically for producing increasingly in-demand small components, like engine turbochargers, manifolds and investment castings, with fewer rejections.

With this innovation, the company has responded to a transition in steel for intricate, thin-walled castings that are able to withstand the higher temperature and demanding operating conditions of today’s requirements.

Nick Child, international marketing manager, clean iron and steel, Foseco, said: “Filtration plays a crucial role in delivering components fit for increasing OEM and end-application requirements. For manufacturers of small castings to achieve high quality while also considering their production efficiency goals, they ideally need a filtration solution with minimal opportunity for friability or inclusion that could cause component defects and rejects. We developed our new STELEX Pureflow filters specifically to address all these aspects. This product is now available through the established Foseco supply routes and our technical experts will be pleased to advise on steel casting application.”

The company’s choice of filter chemistry and an open, porous rigid structure and large surface area potentially enhances filtration effectiveness. Independent testing confirms the alumina content in the new filters provides enhanced ability to capture dirt and debris in the filter structure. Finely dispersed inclusions are efficiently removed both on the surface and within the body of the filter. The filters also produce smooth, low turbulence filling of the casting cavity, reducing the potential of alloy reoxidation and moulding sand erosion, further helping to minimise defects.

Importantly, the new filters are also proven to demonstrate significantly lower friability during transport and in use. The potential for filter inclusion in the poured castings is therefore vastly reduced, providing a further quality boost.

The combination of benefits achieves cleaner small castings to support improved component quality. The resulting increase in higher quality castings also means less potential for scrap castings. Reduced rejection rates can contribute towards more efficient foundry operations. A further benefit is the improved sustainability of STELEX Pureflow over zirconia-based filters. This is driven by the very high carbon dioxide footprint associated with zirconia production.

STELEX Pureflow filters are designed for the filtration of alloys with high melting and pouring temperatures for small sized applications and can be used as a drop-in alternative to zirconia and other ceramic filters. The maximum recommended pouring temperature is 1680°C and maximum capacity 1.5kg/cm².

Contact: Nick Child, international marketing manager, clean iron and steel, Foseco, email: [email protected]

*STELEX is a Trademark of the Vesuvius Group, registered in certain countries, used under licence.