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Investment brings significant benefits to US foundry

Manufacturer’s Brass and Aluminum Foundry’s (MBAF) investment in the new Sinto FBO-III 20x24 flaskless moulding machine with mould handling line and Sinto Smart Foundry integration has brought about significant improvements in their operations, says the company. The integration of Industry 4.0 technologies like the Sinto Smart Foundry system has allowed G&W Electric to enhance their foundry processes, bringing about benefits such as improved safety, efficiency, and quality.

MBAF, a division of G&W Electric, boasts a rich history spanning over seventy years.

Since 1905, G&W Electric has been a leading provider of innovative power grid solutions, including the latest in load and fault interrupting switches, reclosers, sensors, system protection equipment, power grid automation, transmission and distribution cable terminations, and joints and other cable accessories. G&W Electric is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA, with manufacturing facilities and sales support in more than one hundred countries, including Canada, Italy, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, UAE and Singapore.

Having previously invested in Sinto technology in 1996, with their first Sinto FBO-III, MBAF’s decision to partner with Sinto once again reflects their confidence in the brand’s capabilities. Through this partnership, G&W Electric has gained access to Sinto Smart Foundry integration, localised support, future growth opportunities, and potential solutions for their evolving needs.

The incorporation of Industry 4.0 technology through Sinto Smart Foundry integration represents a significant leap forward for G&W Electric, taking the foundry to a new level. With real time monitoring through the live production monitor, G&W engineers can stay informed about their production processes, enabling them to make timely decisions and optimisations. This data is provided immediately and can be completely customisable to the information the operators, shift leads or plant managers need to see.

Derek Wilken, MBAF maintenance project manager, emphasised the various objectives behind the investment, including improving safety, ergonomics, and efficiency, while also enhancing the quality of castings through automation versus manual handling. The choice of Sinto was driven by considerations such as turnaround time and installation support, underlining the effectiveness of the partnership.

The installation of the new moulding equipment and Industry 4.0 technology commenced in November 2023, with MBAF swiftly initiating production just fourteen days after installation began. Since then, MBAF has witnessed remarkable improvements, including a doubling of mould production rates, from forty moulds/hour to eighty moulds/hour, and a substantial fifty per cent reduction in scrap. Moreover, the elimination of ergonomic and safety issues associated with manual handling has further increased productivity, efficiency and workplace conditions, enabling MBAF to expand their operations and increase revenue.

Sinto expressed gratitude for MBAF’s trust in their equipment and is pleased to see the positive outcomes that MBAF has achieved since the installation. By mitigating safety concerns, enhancing reliability and capacity, and addressing quality issues, Sinto anticipates MBAF to continue prospering through the utilisation of advanced foundry solutions.

Image Source: Sinto America