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New sleeve range delivers fluoride emission free performance boost to high-pressure greensand iron casting

In fulfilling sustainability targets and performance trends, Foseco has launched FEEDEX* FEF, a unique fluoride emission free, low VOC highly exothermic, high strength feeder sleeve material, ideal for high pressure casting, to support greensand foundries committed to reducing environmental impact and costs as their need for high performance spot feeders continues to step up. Available for the complete range of ram-up feeder sleeves, the novel formulation sets a new standard in sustainability and best-in-class feed performance for high-pressure automatic moulding lines to deliver on the increasing demands of casting today’s iron applications. Ongoing weight reduction, alloy developments and the demand for improved mechanical applications are driving constant change.

FEEDEX FEF supports the industry’s strong focus on reducing and eliminating harmful emissions and hazardous waste, being both fluoride emission free and lower in VOC than market alternatives. At the same time, it is proven to deliver the highest thermal and feed performance. It offers the identical industry-valued easy application, consistency and high strength of conventional low fluoride FEEDEX HD products, which makes the new feeder sleeves particularly suitable for the challenges of high-pressure automatic moulding lines. Christof Volks, international marketing manager, says: “With the launch of FEEDEX FEF sleeve material, Foseco is proud to offer a highly sustainable and strongly performing feeder sleeve formulation. Importantly, we also realise another major step forward in our commitment to setting the benchmark for sustainability in the foundry industry. Our target is to become the first supplier to offer fully fluoride emission free feeder sleeves across our entire feeding product portfolio. We’re very close to achieving this goal.”

The new sleeve material is the latest addition to Foseco’s fluoride free portfolio, which also includes KALMINEX 2000 and KALMINEX SD insert sleeves for tougher conditions. To further benefit foundry sustainability-related targets, FEEDEX FEF is manufactured with a novel, renewable binder system which avoids the use of non-renewable conventional PUCB binder systems, thereby being more environment friendly. Beyond their environmental advantages, ram-up sleeves based on the new material enhance foundries’ ability to meet the mechanical and productivity demands of complex high-precision casting. All the feeding sleeve products are carefully produced in a controlled process to achieve consistent feed performance. Applying the feeding solutions avoids shrinkage defects. It also improves casting yields, with yields exceeding 75 per cent frequently reached with many case studies developed together with customers, thereby reducing the amount of non-productive metal poured. Plus, significant savings are also achieved in fettling and cleaning operations.

For foundries seeking greater ease of application, Foseco’s recently introduced FEEDEX VAK feeders are now also available in a fluoride emission free version. The innovative self-centring feeder sleeves, in combination with the appropriate support pin, can be easily applied on fast cycling automatic moulding lines to enable spot feeding of even the smallest contact areas.

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