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Reclaiming the foundry of the future

The sand reclamation at the heart of the new £129m state-of-the-art greensand foundry being built by Scania in Sweden is to be supplied by Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd.

At full capacity the new foundry will triple current foundry production whilst using the same labour and with only 50 per cent of the energy consumption. It will operate by using 100 per cent renewable energy and heat from the moulding area which will be re-used throughout the facility. Sustainability is also a major consideration and with a finite resource like sand, the ability to re-use is imperative to future proof the foundry as new sand and waste removal costs continue to increase.

UK-based Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery secured the multi million pound contract after a rigorous selection process. The Omega Sinto secondary attrition equipment will be capable of producing 16 tons of waste sand per hour and convey it quickly and easily to Scania’s cold box core facility for re-use. Scania aims to have a melted capacity of 90,000 tons per annum, predominately for its cylinder head and block castings used in the company’s global truck and bus vehicles. The facility will be at the cutting edge for technology, efficiency and sustainability, with a minimal environmental footprint.