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Siemens to invest £27m in new 3D-printing factory

Siemens is to make a £27 million investment in a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for UK-based Materials Solutions Ltd; its additive manufacturing, or 3D printing specialist. The new building, set to open in September 2018, will enable it to increase its fleet of 3D printing machines from 15 to 50 over the next five years. 

It represents a major investment by Siemens in this rapidly advancing and innovative technology. The new factory will be fully powered by Siemens Digital Enterprise technologies solutions, an end-to-end portfolio comprising software-based systems and automation components which cover every conceivable requirement arising along the industrial value chain and therefore harness the potential of digitalisation. The location for the new facility will be the Worcester Six Business Park Development which houses manufacturing, offices, R&D and logistics buildings.

The expansion of the business is also expected to support the creation of around 55 high quality new jobs, increasing Materials Solutions’ team of world-class engineers, metallurgists and manufacturing specialists to 80 – and making it a global centre of excellence within the additive manufacturing sector. The new facility will also be a focal point for collaboration between Materials Solutions and the already sizable UK Siemens Digital Factory division.

Materials Solutions also offers comprehensive services for engineering and printing up to the complete manufacturing of parts for the aviation industry, the automotive industry, power generation and motor sports. The new facility will be a global centre of excellence for the business, and act as the launch pad for its global growth plans. 

Siemens acquired a majority stake (85 per cent) in Materials Solutions Ltd in 2016. The business is a pioneer in the use of selective laser melting (SLM) technology for the manufacture of high-performance metal parts and has grown its business considerably over the last two years.

“This significant investment underlines our belief that there is huge potential for innovation and growth within the additive manufacturing sector. It is also the next step towards achieving our ambition of pioneering the industrialisation of 3D printing and demonstrates how we are leading the way for the fourth industrial revolution,” said Juergen Maier, Siemens UK CEO.