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World’s largest 3D printing system goes into operation in the US

3D printing company voxeljet has increased its presence in the US market with the start-up of the world’s largest 3D printing system at its American operations in Canton, Michigan.

The VX4000 3D printer offers the largest continuous build volumes for sand moulds. At 4000 x 2000 x 1000mm (lxwxh), the build space more or less corresponds to the size of a VW Golf car. The VX4000 is very fast and easy to operate. In addition to cost-effective production processes for very large individual moulds, this huge 3D printer can also be used to produce small series parts or a combination of the two.
David Tait, managing director of voxeljet America, said: “The market for cast parts in the US has always focused on size. With the VX4000, we not only produce the largest sand moulds in the world, but can also combine these with smaller mould components. The resulting flexibility provides for rapid delivery times and cost-efficient production.”
The VX4000 also prints stable sidewalls, which means that the size of the build space can be adjusted as needed. No other comparable system is able to adjust the build speed to the build volume in such a way.