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Diverse, dynamic, innovative: EUROGUSS 2024 set to be a mirror of the diecasting industry

The diecasting industry is seeking out the dialogue it needs like never before, say the organisers of the EUROGUSS trade fair. The exhibition halls are fully booked with around six hundred exhibitors for January 2024.

From machine manufacturers to casting foundries and their sub-suppliers, all the key players look set to gather in Nuremberg, Germany in the New Year to discuss developments in the industry, technology, business and politics, and to answer the pressing questions of the day. The ticket shop for visitors is now open. Christopher Boss, executive director of EUROGUSS, provides some insights.

The mood around EUROGUSS

Despite the current situation in the diecasting sector – with hot topics like the transformation in the field of drivetrains or consistently high energy costs – the industry is both dynamic and innovative. The major issue of megacasting is revolutionising car body manufacturing in the automotive industry and is drawing attention to diecasting over and beyond its traditional bubble.

These opportunities, but also the associated challenges, urgently need to be discussed. And not just in closed circles, but in an overarching way across the entire supply chain for light metal casting, and above all with customers. EUROGUSS will always be the ideal gathering for facilitating these discussions.

Representation at the show

Traditionally, casting foundries continue to represent the bulk of EUROGUSS exhibitors. But also present will be their sub-suppliers from the entire periphery, such as machine manufacturers, mould fabricators, alloy suppliers, casting machinists or software vendors. All leading international manufacturers are represented at the trade fair. All four exhibition halls have been fully booked for the event in January 2024. More than sixty per cent of the around six hundred exhibitors are international and come from 33 countries, primarily Italy, Turkey, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

They will showcase their technologies at their exhibition stands and their expertise at Speakers’ Corner, the German Die Casting Congress, and in various guided tours or pavilions. Young talent and universities will also have a role to play. With the Student Day on 18th January and the EUROGUSS Talent Award, the show offers the ideal platform for getting to know the industry, the diversity and innovative strength of which are generally underestimated.

Personal highlight

It’s tricky to pinpoint personal highlights, because there are many – like the keynote address by Sarna Röser to introduce the opening talk on ‘Tomorrow’s leaders: challenges for the next generation of SMEs’, or the awards ceremony for the European Die Casting Competition. This shows how diverse the application areas of diecasting are and how innovative the industry is in dealing with the various requirements and challenges.

Also relevant to the industry is the session with acknowledged industry expert Matthias Fifka, Professor at Friedrich Alexander University, and other high-calibre speakers in Speakers’ Corner, on the topic of sustainability and the circular economy. Government bodies will also have a presence at the event because it is clear that the industry in Europe needs the backing of policymakers if it is to continue to maintain its leading role as a worldwide innovator.

The 23rd German Die Casting Congress takes place parallel to the trade fair and offers interesting presentations by speakers from the industrial and scientific communities and OEMs on new technologies, process and material developments. Another highlight is the EUROGUSS Talent Award, which recognises bachelor’s and master’s theses by young talents and gives them a very special platform.

New features

Recruiting the next generation of industry professionals is becoming increasingly difficult and EUROGUSS wants to try to help resolve this issue. For the first time, there will be a dedicated Student Day on 18th January 2024 to which students of casting technology plus those from the fields of mechanical engineering and the automotive sector are invited. The objective is to highlight how attractive, diverse and modern the diecasting industry really is.

With the new Careers Service, the event is also offering an innovative matchmaking tool that enables prospective employees and employers to meet for digital ‘coffee talks’ away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. Alongside the digital EUROGUSS 365, this will be another year-round tool.

There is also a surprise for trade fair visitors on site: a EUROGUSS giveaway that will be produced live at the trade fair in Nuremberg. What exactly that is remains a secret at this point.

Key topics at EUROGUSS 2024

There’s no getting around megacasting at present. Nor should the issue be avoided. It has attracted media attention not just within but also outside the industry, particularly due to Tesla and its clever marketing. This is helpful for the diecasting industry and gives it new momentum. The show’s guided tours offer an introduction to the subject for interested parties who have not yet had too much to do with the diecasting manufacturing process.

However, diecasting is about much more than megacasting. And that also needs to be communicated clearly, for example through formats like the European Die Casting Competition. Exhibitors can use platforms like these to show how innovative Europe is in this area. We need to talk about this more – and get this added value on the road faster. Once again, we need a little more ‘China speed’, otherwise in the medium term, countries like China will leave Europe behind as far as technology and development are concerned.

Networking opportunities

The industry benefits a lot from dialogue, as reflected recently at the first EUROGUSS Executive Circle in October. Thus, there will be numerous evening functions and social events. The anticipation among exhibitors is palpable, and collaborations are increasingly important. The organisers encourage and facilitate that with all formats on site.

For example, the new visitor lounge proves that visiting a trade fair and working efficiently are not mutually exclusive. This enables visitors who have virtual appointments to conduct them in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Afterwards, they can concentrate fully on their trade fair visit again.

The passion and dedication of the entire EUROGUSS team are reflected in every aspect of the EUROGUSS 2024 programme. Every tour, every special display area and every presentation offers a unique opportunity to learn, to grow and to network.

EUROGUSS will be held on 16-18th January 2024 at the Nurnberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany.