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Fast setting, high temperature resistant hot melt adhesives for core production

The Foundrytec system by Power Adhesives is the fast and cost-effective way to bond moulds and core components used in foundry core production, says the company. Designed to be used in sand cores, lost foam, and lost wax/investment processes, foundrytec hot melts are the ideal replacement for traditional water-based adhesives.

With fast setting speeds and high temperature resistance, foundrytec hot melts speed up the manufacturing processes by allowing users to move, dip, and dry the cores almost immediately after construction. This increases productivity and removes the need for dedicated storage spaces for mould drying.

Reduced risk of outgassing

With their low ash content, foundrytec hot melts have a reduced risk of outgassing, a common issue in the lost-wax wax/investment casting processes. This reduction in outgassing ensures there are no imperfections or porosity in the finished moulds. Hot melt adhesives are not solvent-based, which means there are no toxic by-products produced when they are melted, removing the need for users to wear respiratory PPE. Foundrytec adhesives also have a near-unlimited shelf life, allowing for long periods of storage without the risk of expiration.

Range of applicators

Alongside the class-leading hot melts, Power Adhesives produces a range of applicators designed to work in tandem with foundrytec adhesives. With a selection of electric and pneumatically assisted models to suit the desired application, each applicator heats up on demand and remains at a regulated temperature, decreasing downtime waiting for the adhesive to melt. There’s also no waste, as any unused adhesive left in the gun is simply remelted the next time the tool is switched on.

A long heritage

Power Adhesives has been manufacturing hot melt adhesives and equipment in the UK for nearly 50 years, supplying foundries all over the world.

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