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Innovating together – shaping the future of moulding equipment in North America

YIZUMI, an advanced industrial moulding equipment system and service provider based in China, strives to create value for its international customers through a globalisation strategy. Since its acquisition of the century-old company HPM in 2011, YIZUMI has accelerated its development and expansion in the North American market with technological innovation, exceptional products, and comprehensive customer support.

As far back as 2005, YIZUMI has been actively expanding its overseas markets. The purchase of HPM, the well-known American machinery manufacturer, along with all its intellectual property rights, has further enhanced YIZUMI’s competitiveness in the international market.

In 2022 YIZUMI’s overseas revenue exceeded 910 million Chinese Yuan (US$125 million), with a year-on-year growth of 8.63 per cent. The revenue share from overseas operations was 24.76 per cent, representing a significant component of YIZUMI’s high-quality market development.

The company’s pursuit of a strong global footprint is built on ‘standardisation of products and operations’ to effectively address the specific market demands of its customers in the US, Canada and Mexico.

By establishing local sales, technical, and service teams, the company has strengthened its responsiveness to, and fostered a deeper understanding of, its North American customers, enabling YIZUMI to provide efficient turnkey solutions for them.

Furthermore, the expansion of its Ohio facility reflects YIZUMI’s commitment to meeting increasing customer demands and requirements.

With more than three hundred patented technological achievements, YIZUMI has laid a solid foundation for its growth. In the field of diecasting solutions, the independently developed LEAP series of 7,000-ton and 9,000-ton ultra-large diecasting machines offer great benefits to customers due to their enhanced injection capacity, ensuring highly precise and repeatable casting processes. The state-of-the-art LEAP diecasting machine technology allows YIZUMI to offer ultra-large structural casting solutions for NEV manufacturing with the highest production efficiency.

Distinguished by exceptional performance, intelligent design, and stable functionality, YIZUMI’s products, ranging from small-scale machines to high-performance large-scale equipment, have brought outstanding production efficiency and competitiveness to manufacturers in North America.

YIZUMI’s success and growth in the North American market is based on its technological innovation and on the collaborative efforts of its partners. The emphasis on a strong collaborative business approach enables the company to create value for its customers through bespoke solutions specifically designed to meet the ever evolving market demands.

By actively leading technological trends and promoting win-win collaborations, YIZUMI is now considered a significant player in the North American market. Its skilled team, outstanding quality products, and a spirit of innovation have laid a strong groundwork to continuously provide production benefits to its customers.

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