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New name for European foundry association

The European Foundry Association, CAEF, marked a transformative milestone at its annual council meeting, held recently in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The meeting, attended by representatives from leading foundry associations across Europe, sees the adoption of critical decisions made to reshape the association’s future. Foremost among the significant developments is the decision to rebrand the association, which from 2024 onwards will be known as the European Foundry Federation (EFF). This change reflects the organisation’s renewed commitment to fortifying its presence and influence within the European foundry industry.

Underpinning this transformation is a newly established governance structure. A president has been elected to lead the federation for a three-year term, supported by a board composed of the presidents of major European foundry associations. Chiara Danieli (France) is elected president of the EFF; her experience and knowledge of the industry are vital for the challenges ahead. 

The newly formed board comprises esteemed members, each serving as the president of their respective federations in Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Turkey, guaranteeing a wealth of expertise and leadership to the EFF. EFF says this “dynamic leadership team is poised to steer the federation towards new horizons and unprecedented accomplishments.” 

In a statement the newly named EFF said: “The primary objective behind these changes is to bolster the organisation’s visibility and establish it as a reliable, authoritative voice for the European foundry industry. In a climate marked by evolving challenges and formidable competition from multiple counterparts, coupled with the imperative to augment industrial capacity, the foundry sector recognises the urgent need for amplified representation in the political arena of Brussels.

“The European Foundry Federation (EFF) is ready to rise to the occasion, leveraging its renewed structure to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing industry landscape. By becoming a unifying force, the federation aims to galvanise the foundry sector towards greater innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness on the European stage.”