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VOX PATRIS - the biggest swinging bell in the world

In Polish foundry Metalodlew SA the preparations to cast the largest swinging bell in the world are well under way.

The bell will weigh 50 tons and will be hung in the new tower of the, famous for miracles, Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father in Trindade, in Brazil. The manufacturing of the bell ‘Vox Patris’ has been prepared by Jan Felczynski’s Bell Foundry from Przemysl in co-operation with the Cracow foundry Metalodlew SA.
The bell will become the record-holder - currently the largest swinging bell in the world is the Gotenba Bell from Japan, which weighs 36 tons. Vox Patris will be 4.5m in diameter and more than 4m high, counting the crown.

In the Ground
Currently, the mould of the bell is being finalised. The core is prepared and the so-called ‘false bell’ has been fixed on it. This construction is placed in the large casting hole (7.5m width and a depth of 5.5m) in one of the foundry bays at Metalodlew SA. Specialists from Jan Felczynski’s Bell Foundry have placed various images, themes and motifs made from the special bell-foundry wax on the bell. These pictures represent the whole story of the basilica in the Brazilian Trindade from the beginning in 1840, when a farmer dug out the medallion, which became famous for miracles and healings, followed by the construction of the sanctuary, and the new basilica today.

Pouring of the bronze bell is scheduled to take place this month. Then, the bell will remain buried in the ground for the whole of winter to cool down evenly and slowly. After cooling, the bell will be cleaned and prepared for its mammoth journey to South America.
Vox Patris will be shipped to Brazil and then transported to the Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father in Trindade, in Goyas, about 200km from Brasília, the capital of Brazil, where the new basilica is being built. The Polish bell will await the newly built 100m tower.
After the completion of the entire project in 2020 Vox Patris will reverberate in the Sanctuary of God the Eternal Father which is visited by millions of pilgrims every year.

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