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We Have An App For That!

03 Nov 16
Imagine the scene - workers standing on the foundry floor manually writing by hand in their worst penmanship production and scrap composed of part numbers, quantities, process steps, and scrap...

Global solutions for Indian Foundries

03 Nov 16
In spite of the recent worldwide economic crisis, the Indian foundry market is continuously growing and the Italian foundry equipment supplier IMF confirms its market leadership. In the last few...

Industrial Robots – An Energy Saving Device

03 Nov 16
A market-leading industrial robot manufacturer has unveiled a new training facility in the UK and is wowing customers with its concept for the light-weight future of robotics. Here we look at the...

Making the Most of Currency Transfers

03 Nov 16
It is no secret that metal prices have been falling throughout 2013 as the ‘mining investment boom’, largely driven by China, abates. Whilst this has helped to reduce the cost of raw...

An Ideal Solution to a Big Supply Problem

03 Nov 16
RSM Castings of Northampton (UK) is one of Europe’s leading shell moulding foundries, with production being more than one million castings a year for the automotive, hydraulic and engineering...

Environmental Management at Drezdenko, Poland

03 Nov 16
In today’s tough market, adhering to environmental legislation is an exacting business and one that is increasingly of interest to the public, the foundries and their clients, and the...

What a Difference a Month Makes

03 Nov 16
EMSCO engineers rebuild seriously damaged furnace in record time Picture the scene – an explosion in a melting bay which rips through the facility causing devastating damage to all three...

Arthur D. Little's Viewpoint on Energy Efficiency

03 Nov 16
There is a clear trend towards improved energy efficiency in industrial products and systems; driven more by market factors than by governmental intervention. Leading companies are setting energy...